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The provision of sanitary waste bins is not only a requirement under the Health and Safety legislation but also protects the environment by encouraging responsible disposal of sanitary waste. As controlled waste, legislation dictates that this type of waste can only be removed by a licensed contractor. Our license No. is ENW/ 032062.

Five good reasons to use 1st Hygiene Solutions hygiene bins on a rental basis

  • Available in two sizes  to suit the cubicle size and service schedule
  • 20L for high traffic areas
  • 12L for small, low traffic areas, if space is a premium
  • No-touch operation protects the user
  • Anti-microbial chute and flap – kills germs on contact

Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations) 1992 (Click the link to visit the Government website)

 The Environmental Protection Act (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991.
Click the link http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/netregs/63197.aspx

SaniSense Biocide

As part of our routine service 1st Hygiene Solutions uses SaniSense, a granular formulation which automatically activates when sanitary waste is placed in the bin and is effective for up to eight weeks.  Pathogens and harmful bacteria are deactivated and restrained from multiplying, ensuring safe storage of controlled waste. Odour neutralisers that kill bad odours also provide a pleasant fragrance so freshness is maintained.



Personal Sanitary Bags and Dispenser

These are for placing individual sanitary waste items into before disposal into the Sanitary Bin. These are available in Chrome Finish or White, H 135 x W100 D25mm.
Refill packs of 25 white bags are available per case of 50 packs.



Bag it and Bin it Campaign

Sanitary items and other personal waste should be disposed of responsibly in the household waste bin or in the special bins in public toilets.
This is to protect our beaches, rivers and canals from unsightly products, avoid harm to the marine environment and our wildlife and prevent blockages in the sewerage system.
An estimated 2 billion sanitary protection items are flushed down toilets each year. Our sewers were not designed for this sort of waste so they suffer blockages in the pipes and treatment works and other problems.
Personal products should, for health reasons, first be placed in bags and then put in the bin.  Be part of the solution.  
Follow the simple disposal code: Don't Flush It… Bag It & Bin It
http://www.water.org.uk/home/resources-and-links/bagandbin (Download the logo for your campaign)